Every Time I Feel The Shift Testo

Testo Every Time I Feel The Shift

If we were to pass an Eleventh Commandment

In twenty years people would be shocked to learn

That there had once been only ten

And wouldn't care if there had been

It all comes down to a moment of truth

Clock ticking in a soundproof booth

From Corpus Christi to Duluth

From Ghengis Kahn to Babe Ruth

If I could only see through glass

I would know what has come to pass

I wouldn't hurry, but I'd get there fast

What's last is first what's first is last

Every time you feel the shift

You conjure fire in a hieroglyph

When you're out for revenge dig two graves

When you run from the truth it comes in waves

We're marching up to Zion

That beautiful city of God