Zombieland Testo

Testo Zombieland

Accentuate the positive

Destroy all the negatives

Before the black mass media

Get a hold of them

Boy's been sniffing that frog powder

Drinking that genius juice

Shooting that monkey blood

We're gonna stomp in Zombieland

Devil beat in Zombieland

We're gonna stomp that devil beat

Down in Zombieland

Machines always do just what you tell them to do
As long as you do what they say

Machines gonna stomp

To that devil beat in Zombieland

Look at that boy can't see nothing

Can't hear nothing

Just put him over there

All the tides in Zombieland

Are to oblivion

Sniffing that frog powder

Blowing that Egyptian bone

Settling like a fog

Speaking hieroglyphics

With his pistol and his pills

Phantom conjured to a dark mojo

You want to know but you don't know

You want to know but you don't know