Sac Kingz Testo

Testo Sac Kingz

We on some King Shit
Young T-Nutty
I got an announcement to make

Imma Sacramento King like that nigga C-Bo
And do the damn thang like X-Raided Loc
Luni Coleone, hell yeah that's my Folks
And my Loco brother Lynch Hung hanging niggaz with a rope
Show the 4 love, and can't forget my nigga Nolove
Young Joker that's my Folker here something for ya
Chill bolo, Lil Spade, and Marvelous
All the Sacramento Kingz coming with the hardest hits
Mike C and Hollow tip savved out for sheez
And Balling Ass Dame is the nigga with the cheese
A1 like Triple Beam but its Young T-Nutty
Young Sacramento King with the rest of my buddies
Ask my cuddy Dre D and Bowlegs cuz they be
On the spot tryna get every knot just like me
Ima King like Greedy, GP, and Jay Mac, Skeet 64, 1st Degree, and Dub Sac
Lil Kingpin that's my young hog homie and my Folks Chuck Bz gonna be quick to mob for me
I'm lethal like Devious, Mac, and Diesel, nigga these my motherfucking people
Ima king like Chris Webber, never lollygagging
Deuce 4 on the back of my jersey like Bobby Jackson
Its time to keep it cracking on the Sacramento scene
fuck the cops waiting an ass like an accidental thing
The niggaz on my team gonna be the first to get stupid
snatch the mic for not rocking it right, getting out of control and loose it
Bumping Sacramental music, feeling the new hottest
fucking with Hollis, imma shoot shit that everybody acknowledge
And its obvious that we thick like a hippopotamus
and all of us is mobbing up ready to hit like Optimus
Its ain't no stopping us they watching us
from a distance with binoculars cuz this shit it knocking cuz
What it was? Got em hopping up feeing buzzed young Sacramento King thug
T-Nutty Nutt is the bomb like green bud
No need to mean mug cuzz you from out of town
and you out of bounce Sac niggaz is quick to dumb til we out of round
Come to the town and everybody's rocking a crown
cuz we the Kingz while you throwing up things we knocking it down
Swat your shit like a point guard quit tryna be hard
your rhymes is garb', and my niggaz got the grimmest verg
And I'm like a Sergeant, Slaughter niggaz for barging
in the capital with a calico imma animal from the Gardens
Tryna keep it on the map and attack these rap cats
fuck bitches and stack scratch I'm ripping and that's that
The riders got my back from the South to the North
West to the East and these niggaz don't take no shorts
And of course we amped up like Jordan when he slam dunk
Sharper than swords that'll cut you niggaz leave you rapped up
Like that bra, no accidental things
You suckas get whacked fucking Sacramento Kingz