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Testo Simple Statement

Ladies and Gentlemen

[Chorus: x3]
Oh my goodness
T-Nutty is heated
He can't be defeated
I can not believe this
See nigga I'm heated like that
heater talking like walking thermostat

[Verse 1]
Imma make a simple statement
Here's the latest sense you waited
Congradulations you found the greatest
Dropping shit like I'm constipated
Consentrated on stacking my mail
The Populations got it cracking with sales
For my occupation I'm high with patients
If I'm not mistaken I'm leaving a trail
Following me now like All of me pals
If you refuse to do the opposite
Niggaz gonna hop in a gown
I'm lockin it down
On the westcoast ain't no stopping it
With the best flows got bitches jockin it
At the next show cuz I be rocking it
Ima the best Loc its my prorogitive
If I'm strapped with a glock and I'm cocking it
and ya not convienced I'm bout to get the victim
this is whatcha wanted
yall don't want it
swallowing opponents
cuz I'm a get on it
just give me a moment
im loaded off the gonja
rolled up alota
holding my dollars
smashing the bucket
hollering like fuck it
ill dump atcha baby mama
cuz I'm West Walking
all that stress talking to a vet
every so often is causing a mess
so I suggest you get loss when a boss flowss his steps
I doubt that you want to go toes with a bouncer
Ima pull a stick up like Alphapha
Hop with the pick up and get something out cha
Spitting like a public announcer
Fill up a nigga with fillable killables
Rittles and shit like cibbles and bits
Your edible nigga my styles incredible
Let em know there ain't no fuckin with this
Seen out of luck you son of a bitch
Who gives a fuck about a rap that you write
If your under attack you'll be wondering
T-Nutty Nut man who the fuck is this? (who the fuck is this)
That nigga that's here to keep it on the map
Hit em so hard that there sleeping on their back
My lil niggaz creeping up with gats
Its time to ride with the Nutty Factor
Besides, none of them other guys wanna fuck with me
Under no circumstances ask them bastards is T-Nutty a G
That piggity pack that higgity humpty dumpty
Beat a nigga that think he can punk me
I'm from the planet of the mad gorillas and monkeys
That adapt to living with the Factorism
Get to slapping cats with the ism
Just like a pitbill dog when we sick em
Quick when I creep through the fog when I lick em
Oh my goodness
You niggaz can't see me I'm hungry and greedy tryna get meaty
Oh my goodness
I'm one of the needy state to state with the Nutty graffiti
Oh my goodness
Could this be the good shit to hit cha hood with
And in that ass is where my foot slip
I just wish I had the camera footage
Some niggaz is crooked as soon as you look at em you can tell
I'm judging books by the cover dont even opening up the bad mail
Tired as hell mob and bail
All through the back streets after the mail
Half of these niggaz wanna follow my trail
Moving like a snail & light on the scale
I'm little but I'm not frail
Got niggaz ducking and tucking they tails
We even got niggaz to clean up the shells
Ride with the Factor noone tells
If the shit smells then plug your nose
And point fingers at the 4's
Indecent exposure explosive shit can't be exposed
So all you niggaz and hoes I'm giving thanks for your attension
Its Young T-Nutty Nut with that shit that I had to mentiion

-We Love you
we love you T-Nutty