West Walkin' Testo

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Testo West Walkin'

Check it

My squad is like "All Madden"
We all tryna ball, smashin
Lookin for the ball bashin'
Dumpin in cigar ashes
Sicker than Charles Mason
Crip Walkin', while y'all dancin'
Square off in a hog stance
Tear off in yo polliwog ass
Like a straight killa
Make bitches break scrilla
Don't fuck with fake niggaz
I'ma killa eight ? gorilla
They call me young T-Nutty
Laughin when I crack a funny
Serious as fuck tho
I'ma Cut-throat all about my money
That bitch you all your honey
Suck the honey off my dick
Thats how I knew that I was true and you was conterfeit
I'm one of the Flowhicans
That'll have your hoe creepin'
Giving up the fo ? beefin
Knockin out ur gold teeth
I'ma heathen that be creepin like a theif
In that season for no reason on the under like some breifs
Cuz I'm on a mad mission
You can call the cast fishin'
Don't be with them bitches trickin yo chips
My nigga thats bad pimpin

Enough with the stress talkin, its the West Walkin wittle Youngsta
They call T-Nutty and all my buddies are money hungry little monsters
I'm the type a nigga that'll stomp Ya
Hike the drill team if I feel mean
I'm dirty but nigga I feel clean
Livin my life like a real dream

I'm Nutty like Busta Rhymes
For money I buss for mines
And my buddies buss behinds
We all get ta bussin nines
Hog niggaz callin shots
Yall niggaz fall an drop
Enough with the small talk
Aint no poliwogs on the ballers block
These niggaz will slap you backwards
Be quick to mop you faster
Than a high paid Janitor
Man at work for the Nutt factor
I'ma get ta buckin the mactors
An chasin' 'em down like Taz
Getcha hydrocortizone cuz Im ass kickin like a itchy rash
You give a bitch yo cash?
Well break yourself for Shanina
Lost for tryna floss, thinkin you a boss
But you just a weiner
And I'ma clean up and let the streets be the bigger broom
Like a lepracaun if you steal me gold
Watch out for the KABOOM!
Loom loom, you can get ta duckin'
Cuz ima mothafuckin' fool
Ho cake niggaz, dick suckin'
Actin bitch-made and gettin shooed
Like Food ? for trying to fued
Bring funk like a poot to your dudes
Strip ya crew down and send 'em home nude


? Pass the drool, so I can take a puff
Hit it like a uppercut, Im known for rockin' it ruff
Spot yo bitch binocas, cuz she's so thick you watch her
You may be the babies papa, I really don't give a caca
I'm one of the Flowhecans, That'll have your hoe creepin'
Givin up the fo beefin', knockin out your gold teeth
Taught by the OG's so I stay strapped with a Fo Feev
Runnin and duckin the police, shoot somethin if you know me
Got licks like Big Rocks, I hit them big spots
I buss them big knots, I creep with them big glocks
I do my thug thang, no need to mug me
Might be a plug in the game or a couple slugs to the brain
We all gangster, living in a raw nature
Fuck chasin' small paper, I'm ready to ball major
The groupie chicken swooper, and make 'em break chalupa
Then find a way to lose her, cuz I'ma young chicken mover