Dangerous Testo

Testo Dangerous

Featuring Pat Brown

This one is real trouble,
halo swinging horned devil.
And it's oh so wrong..
Well we've got a young boy, we'll call him "loyal".
We got a girl and we're calling her out.
You gotta know what youre up against,
she's making moves under the radar.
She's got a simple way of hiding it.
She gets in, gets off and gets out.
Jezebel you're dangerous
you know you'll get away with it.
But I'm coming clean,
wash your dirty hands and get away from me.
Jezebel you're flaunting it,
you're breaking all your promises.
But what to believe?
If it's behind locked doors then it's a mystery.
They say behind every good man, there stands a woman.
Well that's a prime spot for a stab in the back.
Honey we know what to expect from you,
so have your cake and eat it too.
You're appetites' as big as your eyes.
And she will never ever hesitate,
so never underestimate the human knack to rationalize.
Girl you know you're dangerous,
you'll never get away with it