Lady Love Testo

Testo Lady Love

Take a look at the boy who never guessed,
lady love was a deadly little dance.
Watch your step and catch her while you can.
I gave up, you broke down,
it's time to roll the caution tape out.
We committed crimes of innocence.
I never thought I'd be the one,
to let the light out of the love.
I never thought I'd be the one.
She's so, oh so good to me.
I'm a fool cuz I can't ever see.
I hook line and linger, linger on.
Follow up, break it down and follow through.
Getting up is the hardest thing to do.
Second chances, let me fall again.
My tongue, to be tied,
I wanna know how you rest your head at night.
Through the window, life just passes by.
I snap awake in my bed in the night heat,
cold sweat and thumping heart beat.
A lot can happen in the course of a bad dream
a lot can happen in the course of a heart beat.
Is it a black hole? Is it a free fall?