One More Shot Testo

Testo One More Shot

With every word to leave your lips,
my body feels the cold in it.
Heart sank, you hit me point blank
and stayed to watch me fall;
right at your feet on the floor.
And the view from here cannot convince,
you're still the same face of eloquence.
Make up is all you're made of,
it hides the world for you.
If I could finally get myself over it
without taking the world down with me.
If I could get myself to get over it.
Pardon me but you're a part of me,
I'm now accepting all apologies.
The least that you can do
is stop my sky from falling.
You said we'd make it out in time,
but you're getaway left me behind.
I'll take the fall for you tonight,
alright, if we can take it, we're gonna make it.
With every word we're caving in,
I'm tossing turning over it.
Feels like we're more than broken,
with every passing moment.
Remember when you said the way you felt with me
was something like a dream unlike anything?
Well with the way you're staring at me recently,
it's like you don't even recognize me.
Wait a minute, just close your eyes
I know you're tired but focus and say well make it.
Here lies a memory, statue of everything,
hold it close to let it keep you.
Here lies a melody, that doesn't mean anything,
should you choose to let it leave you.
Say we'll make it...