Intro Testo

Testo Intro

Yo what the fuck is good dog?
Oh shit dude
Shit, bruh good to see you dog
You too bruh, how you been?
Chillin man, hey I saw that fuckin' new barbeque you just put up on FaceBook? shit's fye bro
Shit's fire, It's literally fire
You still throwin' them ragers dog?
Every damn night bro ..well, when I can
Damn dog, hell yeah of course, you know the wife
And I got a kid now too
Oh damn
Oh i saw that
Yeah bro he's a little cutie though
Bro, you've been havin' the best ragers since fuckin 07 bro 10 years
Those were the days dude!
For sure, homie. You hear about uh.. Nathan?
No? He go to jail or something?
Nah, nah he lives in L.A now
Yeah, motherfucker got a Porsche, dog
No way, a Porsche?
Dude, boxter
Yeah, droptop, sick dude
Ah that-what a boss
Yeah, dude fuckin' flex? am I right?