Stay Safe Testo

Testo Stay Safe

My girl wanna go raw
She all in my drawers
Tryna give me road head
I'm like "That's fucking dangerous
What kinda game is this?
We should do this at home instead
With a condom in the bed
When's the last time you got checked?
We need to take a test before we even think about sex."
To be honest, I'm a virgin but
I get shots for the hep, that's how I stay no stress
Now I'ma need written consent
Please fill out this form describing the context
Granting me the option to feel on your breasts
I'm tryna be nasty with some respect
Now I know a fucking contract seem wild
This why I haven't been laid in a while
But I never been on Maury
I don't ride a Harley
'Cause I keep shit safe so I'm never sorry

Mask off but
I keep a helmet on
It's fucked up to ride a bike with a mask on
(It's not safe!)
Forget fashion
And when I'm in the whip I keep the seatbelt fastened (click)
Uh, and in the back I keep a spare tire
This verse whack 'cause I don't play with fire
I got bonds not stocks bitch that's how you save
And when I cross the street, I look both fucking ways
Uh, she wanna fuck no doubt
She take a trip south, I bag it up when I'm in the mouth
Shit's dry man, feel like a drought
But I keep a clean record baby, that's what I'm about
Last week I had a rash on my knees
I freaked out, thought it was an S-T-Disease
Herpes, or maybe HIV
But I'm cool, it was just poison ivy
Word (I'm good)