A Mighty Heart Testo

Testo A Mighty Heart

Take a breath, don't hold your back against the wall
It's your life, so make some changes till its right
Because nothing last forever (were united with the same beliefs)
And this is the tie that binds us
We have never been here before but we still made it out
It feels like these waters move around me
My hometown is drowning in this rain!
It's a never-ending step and we all look for someone to count on
We live our lives, Day by day, To the fullest
So live your life, Step by step, Keep that in mind
We will be living on, till the end
Break me down and pick up our hands
I wont give one more inch of my time
Its been wasted on ourselves
Let my fist clench your helpless hand
One last time, I'll break apart with one look in your eyes
You'll see inside of me (you'll see this side of me)
Fade out my name from your head
But you'll never forget me