Nothing Less Testo

Testo Nothing Less

I'll take my time and follow my own set path
and to succeed is the only option now
It won't go down from here, not on us
Because we keep pushing on
Ill wait, to see what's come of this
I want, us to be all that we can
We cant, struggle for this long
I never, wanted to be forever stuck within these tracks
So we'll tear apart this path
We fail but still keep up for these better times,
While writing in these lines
We've been thinking in these lines
Write the things that come to mind
I had found something I've lost
I was the first and can't be last
We wont stand for nothing less
(We wont stand for nothing less)
(We wont stand for nothing less)
Let this be known we'll take this in our arms
Take all that's left, stand strong with what we have
We will tear apart this path wish I could shut my eyes
And blank out the past but strive to make this last
Is there a reason for us all?
How do we see through blood-shot eyes?