Holding On Testo

Testo Holding On

We await this moment, only to fake the truth
and set aside the guilt we've brought to this table.
to live out this truth and be worthy to each other.
And in the end, this is what makes us who we are,
I've been told to listen to the ones that care
and it has brought me here in this very moment,
along with everything.
I will give it my all, put that trust in me,
what is there to lose, so take a chance.
This is one you won't regret. This has,
this has been brought to your attention,
our hopes are left hanging on by just a thread.
Just know I said somethings
but I didn't mean them in any way.
one good tug will wipe us away,
we will be washed up on to an unknown place,
and I seem to fall behind.
Leave me, chocking on all these words.
Wake me, from these dreams I've made for myself, wake me