Entities Testo

Testo Entities

Who am I who are you why are we here what do we do
want and greed love of power blinding pride the golden tower
it's the pace of the race it's the time and the place
it's the state of mind that some could never find
my emotions wander in the comfort of the past
while logic seeks to justify the images cast
but who I am and all that I do appears different to everyone of you
hopes and fears years and years
it's the lesson you learn and not the bridges you burn
did I love or fit with the rest did I live in peace did I do my best
to respect the earth who gave it birth
and never knowing why the surrealist's eye
stand tall because you don't walk alone
the life you lead is all your own take control and show me you care
keep that attitude and just stay aware
because who we are is all one in the same
embodied entities in a pointless game