Astral Voyage Testo

Testo Astral Voyage

One night I counted every light in the sky,
The stars passed me by showing their shapes.
Galaxies were a cosmic parade,
Pale, cold planets staring in silence.
My body disappeared in the cosmic dust,
I became part of the moon,
I became part of the stars...

I passed through time to different worlds,
where all the secrets were revealed to me
All of a sudden I sadly stopped
I sat on a stone and started weeping
Something tapped on my shoulders, it was a flower
That grew up in a lost part of the world...

A rain of new colors
Invaded the cosmic room
A boy got into that room to play with them,
And forgot one...

It was the ugliest one, but I liked it.
It was the saddest one but I wanted it.
I wanted to go back home, lost in time...
I wanted to go back home...