Black Star Testo

Testo Black Star

In the beginning of a new day,
in the awakening of my dreams,
a depest empty tremble my body.

In the night I walk between shadows,
trying to remember my secret dreams,
but I just find separated pieces whithout sense.

One more time in the awakening,
I embrace the melancholy...

In the beginning of things
When everything had just been done,
A star was missing in heaven
The one that had never been seen.

She came to me...
Took my hand,
And showed me the way
To the lost star.

In the dark side of a black star
Men's secret dreams were gathered,
And their voices filled the cosmic places.
A voice rose high above the others
She took that voice between her hands.
At night, when she listens to that voice,
I appear in the abode of the dreamers.

I live in the black star,
Where men's secret dreams were gathered...
I live in the black star,
Where the nicest dreams remain...

I live in the black star,
I hid the dreams that can't be found

She finally rose to distant and wonderful places,
And her eyes let their last sparkle of life fall.
As her hands caressed me one last time...
Lost and alone, the way became unbearable
But a light shining up high
Filled at night my heart with hope