Alligator Testo

Testo Alligator

[Kimya Dawson]
Orchestrated chamber pots
Soap dish shaped like an alligator
Tit for tat you nail my twat
Pitter pat to the smell ya later
For a lack of evidently skater chaser tater tot
Mail the rebate in then wait
But for how long?
I forgot
24 or 25 or 26 man I don't know
Either way and alligator helped me to feel less alone
Through sophomoric awkwardness
Broken Mirror
Damaged Goods
The eternal question's wood eye
Wood eye?
Oh fuck yea I would
Woulda coulda shoulda done it
Almost did but was too scared
Critically conditioning the tits and ass and hips and hair
Piece together rooty tooty cuties poo the tiny one
Inner baggage carry's on external manifestation
All your friends are drinking beer
All your friends are making out
All your friends are smoking shit, and fingering, and going down
T-shirt says "I'm High on Life"
Climb and climb the tallest tree
Christopher and Sir Topham Hatt help you conduct your symphony
For sympathetic chocodiles and empathetic Fudgy whales
Genetically telepathic Reading Rainbow nerf ball for sale
Change your shoes and pick a lane
Take aim with three in the holes
Spare the line on the approach
Last chair wins the tidy bowl

[Aesop Rock]
The tuning in of Tokyo in lien of Basic Channeling
Had students of the Bosom study woman through the scrambling 1980 cable box
A gateway drug for horny lads
Who later found the joy of sex and hidden stash of porno mags
Holy god damn fucking shit
Massive hooters everywhere
Pointing toward celestial defenders of the hemisphere
So many vagina types
This one is naked lamb
This one is a violant slice
This one is like raver pants
Someone that you know is hiding hustlers in the local woods
Inside there is something that will alter how you know this world
You may want to fuck some tits
You may want to hide your face
You will always find some time to fuck your fucking time away
We had found a mystery VHS tape in a secret drawer
When our parents left for work we fed it to the VCR
Specimens of hair and sweat intended for a private eye
Humping like a pair of dogs
Showcasing a primal drive
Nothing seamed the same again
Judgement is a petty joke
Nobody can say a word
They worship the same centerfold
Aliens of horrid Mars
Seeking life on boring Earth
Dropping quarters on the floor
Peaking up the shortest skirts