The Aquarium Testo

Testo The Aquarium

Please don't tap on the glass

[Aesop Rock]
Just this morning I heard a prehistoric mass
In a river water tank utter "please don't tap the glass, thanks"
Hold a moment, told him,
"as an overgrown oaf in a coat of exposed bone you are not afloat alone"
Chocked up, poking his nose in the moat, cold, we have all known combing
Gross mouths foaming, dough down, particles of a broken code exploding in a chip
And soda coma, slowly overdosing, rovers
Opposite the jellyfish and stars
You were jelly on the colors and regenerating arms
Set to entertain a couple thousand suckers for a charge
And you can not shake the feeling you are being fucking farmed
Great fossil, knowledgeable and docile
Dry land's nice but the slants quite hostile
Here, equal parts passive and aggressive
He said "If that's the case then brother help me flash the message"

Please don't tap on the glass, water augments that tap to a crash
"Here fishy fishy" is a bad forecast
First tap never once double as the last

[Kimya Dawson]
Today a creature with a body like mine drifted by
Said "please dont tap on the glass, mm hi"
Urban turban muumuu, mama vacationing
Cow of the sea, worlds outside your window stationing
Me at my post do I look inside jealously at you wanting out
Not knowing propellers slice deli meat, meeting of the mind's eye
Through the glass, giving thanks for the sea nobody's a big fish in a small tank
Do you slow motion float through a confined free rise
Or run the risk of getting chopped up to bits outside?
Is there anywhere that you can find a little balance between
Small cell prisoner and motor boat madness?
Does being free mean needing to be open to the sadness
Where gentle giants bitter-sweetly half fill oily chalice?
She says if you figure out how to forge your own way
When your peepers spy the creepers raise their fingers up please say...


[Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson]
I float alongside flotsam caked in bad algae
I deep throat choke spirulina blended collard greens
Land barracuda breed quicker than the water ones
Brand name spawn slaughter estee launder college funds
Nobody want a lesson in the sleepy lesser species
They want a hot pretzel and a seat at the penguin feeding

[Kimya Dawson]
Little fingers dodge the slimy cukes here in the touch tank
No one gives us bottom feeders so much as a "yo thanks"

[Aesop Rock]
I jump sharks too, not the kind that sink a fang in
The kind that make the people closest to you think you're Satan
So escaping through a cradle of accumulated plankton
To a man without his footing pretty frankly sounds amazing

[Kimya Dawson]
Change my charlie tune can open water entry cod chop
Sic balls, surface dive butterfly, belly flop,
Hooked by a line or by a krabby pot drop
If it gets too heavy trim a little jetsam off the top