Oooooooooo Testo

Testo Oooooooooo

[Aesop Rock]
By the comb in his beard, he is weird when hes lonely, I'm lonely and weird
Party in the backside globe at the ear in the wake of a sobering year
Faces of death on the regular, tricks of an apex predator
Escape from a tray of developer
Uncle a couple days off the sauce and all black is a basic corpse
A cold turkey dressed like a staple forced the brand new
Vick pick from an ancient wall he went
Hither and yon brown liquor like a scissor in his palm that would cut away his kid and her mom
Best laid plans go off and arrive but I still use knots he taught me to tie
Never met an angel, never knew a ghost
Though I swear on the cast I can hear a little voice going
"Oooooooooo, Oooooooooo"