Dear Adam Testo

Testo Dear Adam

I saw you fall down
you know you messed up and
though you tried to you
you couldn't get up so
you push shades up yeah
you pull your hood down
you put your guard up
you keep your head down

Please don't run away
I know you feel ashamed
you're the reason why I came

Dear Adam
I just wanted you to know
you can fly with wings as eagles
I can do the impossible
Dear Adam, dear Adam

And because I love you so
I have chosen to trade places
so now you can come back home
Dear Adam, dear Adam

So depressed and you
always stressed and you
your overwhelmed by what your circumstances do
you turn the lights down
don't want to look up
you let the blinds down and
you want to give up

I'm writing you to let you know
the price that I have paid
but you could never understand the cost
Adam you can rise again
believe the son can shine within
recieve the crown I paid for on the cross

Once upon a time
the lullaby of you and I
buzzing bees falling leaves birds that sing and massive seas
then you believed the lie
and from inside began to die
a misery symphony my harmony
is gone from me
so where's my happy ever after
I came to live, I knew no sin
I died for you to live again
so live again