Run That Way Testo

Testo Run That Way

You had me locked away
I thought I'd never escape
I told you I was changed
You threw that back in my face
But that one I don't play
Cuz I found out about His grace
He said He'd make a way
But I'd have to run away
(I'm running away)
Let's run away from the liar
Be quick he'll use your desire
You better run when you get the chance
There's always a way of escape but you have to run that way

I don't care
What you have to offer
I'm just looking for the way out
So I'm out of here
I'm not gonna let you take me down
Down, down, down, down

I'm not running away from you because I'm scared
I've got nothing to fear
But when I feel you pulling my chain
I run away