Hater Testo

Testo Hater

I thought about you yesterday
Since you've been gone I've been ok
You wanna rule the world I know
I'm so glad I let you go
Oh and remember that chair
You used to sit in right there
Well i'm finally letting God sit there
If you feel bad I don't care
Because you hate Him
And His love for me
But He's perfect
And He's all I need
So you're wasting time
When you call my line
Because i'm never gonna let you back in

And oh the way you used to sing to me
You had me so confused
I couldn't see
But look at me now

See what happens when you're a hater
And you're jealous
And you're a liar
You're so stupid
It makes you a loser
You thought that you had this girl
But God helped me escape

I finally made you pack your things
No more of that fake song you would sing
I don't need to hear it anymore
Because my joy comes from the Lord
Oh and you think you're so hot
I can't lie won't say that you're not
But God made you everything you are
But you took it way too far

I know you don't get it
You're jealous admit it
That He gave His life for us all
So you can keep trying
With stealing and lying
But He'll pick me up if I fall