In Chains Testo

Testo In Chains

Calling [?] undone
Calling into night
Drowning to eat my shadow
Forgetting in the middle, shining every light upon it
Still I miss the way you'd hold me close
In a cold wind

Caught you in a run, staring at the light, I've been all night
Is it a laugh and we're just living in it
Still, I want a [?]
Love, high
I've been rolling on sixteen [?]
I wish I couldn't deliver it
There's a girl out there with silence in her eyes
The truth is in the dark
Yeah, [?], coming in here
Yeah, made you coming in to
In view

Ain't no way that I can feel the way, the way
In a freezing rain

Ain't no way ... [???]
Ain't no chains to hold you in, to hold you [?]

Hiding from an enemy, something inside my dying
[?] clear as day, darkness on my mind
As I stare into the ocean floor
And I wonder where I once was
Was I falling through the air tonight
Crumbling into your arms?
Is this love?
Are you sure?
Is it something you can control?
I'm tired
I'm in chains
I'm in love
I'm in pain

Are you changing, is everywhere?
Just go ahead and take my hand
Promise not to let me go
Try to understand
I believe in all the powers
In doing what you can do
You can try to love and make it through
Come out the other side

I see you in all coming in view
How do we decide what we can do?
I don't read your mind, ain't it cool?