Hibiscus Testo

Testo Hibiscus

The fuck is [?]?
I'm from the rural lands, yo
Ay, yo

I'm known to eat an entire metropolis
Shit shattered bones and barf garbage
We speak in storm clouds rising as billowing blooms, looming ominous
Every breath blessed with the ruinous truth proven true
Through convergent evolution on opposite continents
Y'all best fall back with that overconfident nonsense
Blakrok on top of that cocky stance like falling obelisks
And I follow with a kaiju stomp to your throat
On some Tokyo skyline Mecha-Godzilla shit
Oh my lord, it's for glory, go north historical
Combining forces with the mythic sorcerer, sub-equatorial
I stay hulking out with my trusty thunder jaw
Coughing and I'm full of blood [?] drums, it's ugly raw
Steady, ready, tooth and claw
Behold as I draw strength
My glacial fang cleave through great mountain ranges
Behold, a wild hybrid
Oddball style combining with the heavy-jawed honey badger
Known to take a deadly serpent's bite
And snooze off the lethal venom
Wake up and resume the dining
Jawline erupting with cinders, [?]
My flow explodes from the crumpled tectonics along the coast of California
And beneath my ribs living
Metabolism know for ripping apart star systems
And a labyrinthing desert, unforgiving, deadly and desolate
Hammered by fire from the stars
And folded [?]-style by the tectonic plate activity
I stole the technology from my enemies and refined their edge to claim their heads
[?] ragged battlement, ay yo

The spider the web-weaver
I spin luminous orbs appearing at night time
With cornstalks and shadowy figures
Hooded, sipping elixirs
Hard crimson hibiscus
As [?] link under the hand the built the Sphinx up
Born inside a monster's lair, story of creation
Like the exiting of cave in pairs, [?]
Indigo genetic test, tempered for her mediquest
With shining eyes, expending dragon breath from the depths of hell
Is levitating bodies, forest green like herbivores
Clearing out the ground to photosynthesize in metaphor
Triggering storms with dry ice and silver iodide
A fusion of mystical sciences
Seeing clouds while flying
The sword style's binary, sharpened through the ages
My grimoire's disintegrated, alchemists and mages
I'm the living crystal, verbose, coated in nervous systems
And the cycle's linked with lunar satellite images
I split seas, the soundscape's vicious
Suspended in a floating mist, twitching with the glitches
From temporal fracture migraines
Right brain or left blade set
Craniums radiate radio waves through cosmic membranes
Voices ripping the fabric
It's that space-time classic
Electric snakes rattle thoughts with full metal jackets
I spit a cypher 360 degrees in light packets
Permeating vacuum states with smoke and bird magic