Ochre Testo

Testo Ochre

Descendant of the walkers of the sun's melting surface
Cult wordsmith, a grain of sand [?] from future furnaces
Swimming in waves of radiant energy
A case of the evergreens are coming to the flow of chi
I am just a black and brown polymer of chemicals
Expanding in waves like drums echoing from Senegal
Watching solar empires burn like hellfires
Brimstone smoke sulfuric souls are sending higher
I respect to that dangerous silence, inside [?]
A sliver of a silver light anointed in night showers
Astral projecting and hovering over Roswell
I break bricks of a break beats, a classic gem like Orwell's
I'm a natural naturally, surrounded by three angels as time curves in front of me
To trace the line of my birth, I'm both gifted and cursed
By thirteen full gravitational wave, while luna finally orbits my earth

Continents strewn with higher realms, the likeness of a man
Each breath connected to next, eloquent godhead
I outride the wild style, outride, outflow the [?]
My squad tried minds like Einstein
Darksiders whisper names with eyes wide
Fear and loathing divided by thin tide lines
I read between them perfect, overlapping circles
Flower patterns shaped like hexagons and turtles
I rotate slow [?]
Directing the path my fire chariot goes in
Peace to all the foreigns, seven heavens in flames and lighting
Circle the solar centerpiece solar when I'm rhyming
Anchored from the spine, the sleeping snake soon comes awake
From the base radiates energy that permeates the space
Breed obscurity and [?]
My brother's thoughts hide inside the light like Thom Edison's fear of the dark

Cause style is a crystallization
But if you do not have style
If you just say, well, here, here I am
You know, as a human being
How can I express myself
Totally and completely
Now, that way you won't create a style
Because style is a crystallization