Intro (Cocaine) Testo

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Testo Intro (Cocaine)

Guess whos back? king of the ghetto screwed up click in this bitch tonight its alright got some playas in the house tonight that nigga Big Dab that nigga A Bear what's really good know'am talkin bout?

I keep on screaming I'm not a role model
But children still wanna be like me and see like me
I hope they never get to see the penetentary like me
Cause it ain't nothing else to be like free
I know you see me living large foreign cars in my garage
Diamonds all around me all you see is me collecting my digits
You dont see all of the trouble I had to go through to get it
Child it ain't worth losing your sanity is it? listen to me
I gots weapons a 40 and a 357 even an AK-47 not cause I'm a hood cat
They're for protection in case I run in a no good cat
Cause people with guns don't act the way that they should act
Yea you know about me and the weed and the liqour and the codiene and the truth is it makes me feel swell
Drugs are the main reason I keep ending up in jail
Always wasting money on an attourney and my bail
And the girls look good from the hood to holly-wood
But im always choosing the wrong one to settle down with
I'm trying to end up with them all around town chicks
But the good ones are taken so I got all around town dick
I'is a playa I'is a man but that ain't where its at
Theres too much happening these days
The one that look the most healthy might even breathe aids
Or to set me up she'll come up with atleast seven-teen ways
I handle all my problems with emotion instead of rational thinking
And its always the same in the end
All the dent on my knuckles get dumped on by somebodys chin
Plus success is the best revenge you still with me?
Police terrorize the street
Thats why I'm singing crooked officer everytime I get a chance
Cause ya'll just a rythm with three verses and a change
But they told me if they catch me slippin I'm a dead man
Plus I got enemies in the blood gang even in the cus' gang every gang with people who don't claim
Lil homie you wanna play gang bang is the wrong game
Dodging eight bullets are like a fat man dodging the rain ya'll get wet
And I can't forget
Way before I was with a set I used to make A's and B's in class
I shouldn't've left my education on C's and passed
I could've been a doctor but I chose to put weed in bags
Plus I really used to love basketball defense dribble and shoot dunking did it all
That was my dream til the day I got shot and could no longer play with the team
Thats what I get for tryna' take a rolex and a gold ring
Real homie I could've been a lot of things
Now im in the rap game forming up my bread
Dirtier than the dope game might get come up dead
Held accountable for every word that I've ever said
Even if it was a joke or something i said to one of my friends
Somebodys always watching always listening
Certain people get jealous when they think your making amends
Thats why I'm watchin whats suppose to be my kin
You dont wanna be like me homie you could be something better
You ain't gotta go through what I went through to get the cheddar
You ain't gotta go through what we went through to get the cheddar
You ain't gotta be out there on the block with a berretta daily

Thats right, take yo mothafuckin ass to school go get your mothafuckin edu-ma-cation nigga, then do all the rest of that shit. you feel me? real talk man real talk. Go get it and come back with it the right way though. not that illegal way! im talkin bout the right way you got some thing on that ball? alright then go get that athletic scholarship or go get that academic scholarship its yo world you feel me? never EVER let amothafucka tell you you can't do NOTHING just cause they can't do it you feel me? haa