Shotta Testo

Testo Shotta

U think this tattoo on my hand is for decoration or something
Way before I was a Loc, the desert eagle was already dumpin
Rollin around in my droppa, Lookin out for the coppas
Cuz I'm comin to pop ya, Me and this trigga
U don't wanna f*ck with the King of tha Ghetto n*gga
Hey Mr. Preacher, man yeah I know the bible
I'm not in love with murder, I'm in love with my own survival
Pardon me if I'm wrong but I really don't give a damn
As long as after the bullets stop flyin
I walk away with my gun in my hand
N*gga don't run up on me U can die for less than that
I'm about to pitch this fast ball in your head, neck, chest, and back
U ain't gotta like me but I bet U gon respect me
I bet I wear a dress before I let somebody check me
I been runnin around this ghetto a long time
And I'm doin just fine
They don't hang, they drag.. I'm talkin bout these nuts of mine
U ain't gotta believe me homie just run up and try me
U'll be dead or hooked up to an IV

Chorus :
Top shotta make ur move ur body or u can loose your body
Move ur body, Me no want no stress around me
Move ur body or u can loose you body
Top shotta got connects with weapon that'll bruise ur body
Rude boy.. (what's happenin my n*gga, sh*t what's crackin)
Please don't act a fool boy (Sh*t u know I'm tryna chill man but niggas lookin at me funny)
Cuz we don't need no yellow tape (I feel ya)
Around the dance hall tonight (Sh*t I'm tryna get f*ck up anyway)
That's right...(alright)
I really be tryna chill
But haters be lookin at me all upside my head
As if they plan on come to me dead
Mistake me for my bread
Before that happen I'll end up in the Feds
Doin a triple life sentence for what I did with an infrared
I get a rush when I bust heads up open wide
I could damn near die
I get a feelin all over my body just like a PCP high
My weapon is with me at all times Never leave home without it
Or my attitude, nothin friendly bout it
U might get the best of me but I doubt it
Just ain't gon happen
I'm foreal bout this gangtsa shit but U just think I'm rappin
Community revolution is what I'm down with, progression
I know how to put my pistol down and count my blessings
The graveyard is full homies that died
I'll probably put yo homie there if yo homie was fuckin with mine
Even though a true warrior prays for peace
I'ma empty the whole clip until the day I'm deceased