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Testo Thank You

Let me ask you something why you spend all your time talking about me
Cause I'm smokin drinkin and getting paid and you still doing bad without me
I know you don't want to see me shining I know you want to have what I got
But I've been hustling handling my bussiness it's my time wether you like it or not
Just stay the hell out my way
I'll sacerfice my freedom today
Cause I will blow you away
But since your the reason I'm gettting paid
I really like to thank you cause without your H.A.T.E.
I wouldn't be me I like to thank you
Your the reason I made it to the T.O.P.
I really like to thank you even tho I'm not on T.V.
I'm just another C.D. I like to thank you
Your the reason my bank account about to O.D.
I really like to thank you

My mind is made up I'm not going to let you talk me out of my game
Even tho it get harder during the 4th quater lve got to get the victory mayne
I'm a team player when I play
So why my team got something to say
But they anit talking about nothing
They bumping mad cause the MVP is Mr. Mcvay
But they don't give me a lane
If they don't I got my three ponit range
Anit nobody got to cheer for me mayne
Don't go no where cause after the game


I'm a one man army I don't need no help my nigga
Cause you a buster how could I love yah
The only one l love besides myself is my trigga
I know you haterz want to see me fall
But like Yao Ming I'm still standing tall
Even tho my homeboys use to dog me
Now they want to out me
That's why I sing fuck all ya'll
Cause I don't want no friends
The love they have is pretend
They didn't know me when I went to the pen
Now they telling everybody they my next to kin


Hay, I'm thinking of a master plan
Z-Ro can get a verse for free cause that nigga my man
We playing texas hold'em watch me show him my hand
He come home from jail fuck it I'm going to throw him a grand
Now my nigga getting tense so things going as planned
We dropped Kingz of the South you better check the song again
So when you need a tight verse what you going to do
Call flipper Ro you got my number fool
You get in the game and act like you better than us
But we know the truth you ain't getting the chetter like us
You livin a lie we know you ain't a gangsta
On the behalf of real niggas I really like to thank yah!