Muddy River Testo

Testo Muddy River

I was dreaming 'bout her love
Thoughts I'm thinking of
Like the paddlewheel turning
It keeps me moving on

Hazy sunshine on my mind
Takes me back to another time
When the living was easy
And the river kept rolling on
Mississippi I'm at your side
But she is gone and I'm out of my mind
She couldn't live with my jealous bone
Now this broken heart and me are all alone

Muddy river deep and wide
Tennessee on the other side
That's where you'll find her
Nashville's singing her song

With the sun sinking at my back
The moon rising in the black
Of a lonely evening
And the river keeps rolling on


When the one you love leaves you cold
And you've got no one to hold
What can you do
Like the river you move on

I was dreaming 'bout her love
Muddy river deep and wide