Place In The Heart Testo

Testo Place In The Heart

She stood at the edge of a rocky ledge looking down at the water below
She had a look of worry 'cause the old rock quarry was a place where no one should go
Her eyes started sobbing and her head was throbbing as her mind thought of ending it all
'Cause losing her man was more than she could stand and now she was taking the fall

CHORUS: There's a place in the heart where passion rules and the rest of you is a slave
Till one more kiss is the only thing you crave
The night was a cloak and his eyes the dagger that cut right to her soul
Now that place in her heart is a big ol' empty hole
It was last November she would always remember when he came into her life
Saying sweet words and kissing, all the things she was missing, but not one about his wife
Using all his charms he took her in his arms and looked into her face
With her head in a spin she let him in to that cold and empty place


A springtime breeze moved through the leaves as the tears fell from her eyes
It seemed so confusing to care about losing someone so full of lies
She thought no one could find her but he walked up behind her and softly called her name
She forgot all the rest and with her face at his chest once more she'll play his game


Yeah that place in her heart must be an empty hole