Until Our Dying Day Testo

Testo Until Our Dying Day

How'd you get so far away
I think about you night and day
A thousand miles can't break the bond
know our love will go on
Until our dying day

'Cause that's the thought that pulls me through
That you love me and I love you
And though we are apart right now
We have made a solemn vow
That we will one day say I do

CHORUS: Until our dying day
I will love you in every way
We'll share our dreams and share our hearts
We will never be apart
We'll face the hard times come what may
Until our dying day

Do you recall when we were young
All the little things we've done
Have now grown to something big
With a lifetime left to give
Until our dying day


I know it will not be long
You'll be right here in my arms
Until our dying day