A Feeling Testo

Testo A Feeling

I woke up late but I got up early enough to drive
I kept my number so it starts off with a 985
Not much has changed but I think everything will be alright
You've always gotta to trust a feeling
And I've got a feeling

I had a lazy afternoon and I forgot
Where I was going, I think I might have to stay the night
But if you leave in the morning to go and catch a flight
I'll leave my number on the table
I hope you call me back

Scratch that

I wanna be right there when you get back inside
Cause you shine so bright
You shine so bright
You look like a diamond

And I know that you're worth it
So I don't have to worry

From the moment you arrived
I was so excited
You could read my face back then
Though I was frightened
When I raise my right hand
Up to the sky
I really wanna know if you're missing me back
Cause I'm losing my mind and I miss you so bad

I try
To play it cool but
You know that
On the inside
I'm simply dying to say
I know that we're worth it
And now I have no worries