No Country Testo

Testo No Country

Six years and two scores
He walked in the saloon door
With a well-groomed board
Looking for room and bored
Tarot read: doom in a door but he moved forward
His holster rubbing his silk
Saloon keep slid him a beer
Slid it back cause I was asking for a cup of milk
Everyone had laughed until they seen the trick up his sleeve
That his cuff had revealed
Had a whole musket concealed
Not a soul laughed at his milk mustache
But after that one
Placed a bayonet upon a cap gun
Bartender lady asked him where he snatched his hat from
Though true, it's so rude of you to assume it's stolen
Then she bent to whisper in his ear and said
The fruit was chosen
Dude was blowing a golden fruit and poaching
And pointed to a jacket in the distance
Double backed to grab it with a witness seeing what happened when he put it on
Poof he was gone
Popped up somewhere he didn't belong
Lady with the cybernetic legs seen him and asked her what year it was
She said 3018, she pulled a laser out, he grabbed a hatchet
Lacking in tactics he was almost dead but then he was saved by his magic jacket
The adventure took a full turn when he appeared in 2001
Smack dab in front of an Alaskan bull worm
They say legends never die
Man on top of the worm let him slide with a packet of ketchup on his side
Wow, what a clever guy, bragging about vehicles he would never drive
And girls he wouldn't look dead in the eye
He thought to stay in this year, the future had him petrified, and the near future made him dead inside
Dropped a banana crepe in his ride and it stained the floor
Took his jacket off, he didn't wanna play these games no more
Things just ain't the same no more
They just ain't the same no more