My Hero!! Testo

Testo My Hero!!

Where you going kid? Turn 'em loose!

Dude, please, please just put me down! Put me down! What I c-C'mon I gotta get home man! What's the deal. C'mon don't hurt me, please man, please don't hurt me

Empty your friction' pockets!

Please man please no! C'mon I don't have any money! No I'm just a- I'm just a kid man, I just have a couple of bucks for lunch man please don't hurt me please

No money? Look at those friction' shoes you got wearin'!
They're just my Jordan 3's man please don't take these. C'mon, I just gotta get home man, I just- I ne-

Alright you can keep your frickin' shoes, just gimme that wallet!

Alright fine here

Pull it out!

Okay! Just take it! y'know leave me alone

*superhero flying noises*

*Kid gasps*

Hey, leave him alone