Best Night Of The Night Testo

Testo Best Night Of The Night

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Brother carried me home
Shed some light, share some lows
We don't speak,
It's on my chest like the weight of a common cold

Small town, smaller breeze
Perfect sons, perfect thieves
The elder hope, while the younger will dream
Come apart at the seams
Pause, lock, step for the one day we'll be

Comatose, comatose

Give me drunk on a Saturday
Give me someone I wanted to leave

I slurred the speech
Watched my loves come and go
Still bound by no talk, small talk, please
Open me up, force me to speak

We just miss the beat and tune
Step around words, and time, we grew
Apart like brothers shouldn't do

Keep quiet, honest I'll be
Your scapegoat from the early days
Better man, better than me

Still silent, tattered and torn
Half distant, door-step to door
One day we'll be a little more

Blood lost in line, the best nights are night that I remember when we were alive.
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