Heads Down, Thumbs Up Testo

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Testo Heads Down, Thumbs Up

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Over silver linings, past the broken beds
I never fell for the fashion drugs, or the fashion friends
To be safe and quiet, to revolve and wait,
I could clear the air, but with which words should I say?

I've had the petty and the pretty one night stands
When you come to wake, you realize,
you're less than what you've been
So cover me
Have you found yourself lonely, or just a little out of reach
Keep walking over, and over me

It's all heads down and all thumbs up

I followed steps to grieving. I stopped at 2.
I chose gone for good, without you
Better off as a symptom, with the boundaries too
I've stopped checking up and looking over you

Keep it quiet
Keep it hush
Well known secrets
Shared too much
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