Don't Check The Sun Testo

Testo Don't Check The Sun

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Sun warms up, holiday's coming,
Sending a postcard from Sri Lanka.
And maybe I should wait for the wave that makes me blind.

Like movies, wonderful girls with coloured bikinis “burn” the fashion;
That's summer, no more working for two weeks or one.

I love this fall of lazy days,
Sounds of the beach, pervading my head.
I feel upset when all seems small: I'm surfing the dreams of my world...

Please leave me now!
I'd rather.
Don't check the sun, I'm overrating you.
Don't crash my fun, that's summer.
I don't want to think about what will be waiting for me.

There, bullion meetings in all my trips, we couldn't imagine this before...
I love this unreality, I still believe.
Like thousand melodies, all my girls ask me not to check the sun;
Hopped in the subway, and I made my new way home.

I won't fail my amusement.
Sounds of the city keep on rock me.
I feel honest only when all begins to satisfy me.

'Cause I still believe, I'm still a rocker.
Don't try to change me, cause I don't want to be under pressure.
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