Letters From September Testo

Testo Letters From September

Sitting on my bed I write this song I ever thought,
I am sure that words become more strong on pages.
Maybe I'm afraid to tell you what you really feel,
Cause we have so different meanings to react.

I want to be like you want:
Your last hope when all seems to be disconnected.
I love your jealousy for everything.

And when I tell you lies, I feel so alone, my soul has not returned.
You're my safety light, I'll have to miss my pride,
Cause without your voice I can break my wings. Don't let me go!
You need me, I need like you!

Incomprehensions can make you suffer more than other pains.
I know this new world; the only thing I have to thank God is the day I first met your smile.

Thin breath and sighs of mine
Graze your face so sweet the second of September.
I love your eyes when they see anything new.

Our fates are near, all the rhymes are dreams.
Don't say, don't fear; I'm your breeze that makes you dream on the roam.
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