My Voice Inside Testo

Testo My Voice Inside

We don't know if they've ever asked before.
In this world dominated by dark souls.
We believe in every moment in which we breathe.
We don't accept collapses of effects.

Burnt out the candles of my way,
The only light we'll reach 's in front of sky.
Around, the flood will lay waste;
But no excuses for those who inspire weakness.

Come over to me..... (I am too distant)
Come over to me..... (Don't lose your mind)
Come over to me..... (I'll save yourself, but not yet)

Mistakes of this lame society,
Corruption own to unfair authority,
In the new Millennium nothing seems to change.
All the promises, that they always told, are hidden inside cries.

I want hopes for a better life,
A place where all my angels fly in sky.
World's ground has undergone deliriums
Of all those evils, who can't see their hell. Yeah.

Come over to me..... (I'll move away)
Come over to me..... (Your falling's fears)
Come over to me..... (Don't close your voice inside)

Come over to me..... My voice inside.
Come over to me..... What should I save in this promiscuous Hysteria?
Come over to me..... What should I bring with me, my hero?
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