Far Away Testo

Testo Far Away

Well I don't know what you are asking me; I feel you far away.
I need your heat, that's unique thing that I expect.
I know you have the yearnings for the old times, you lose your passion.
I need your understanding, 'cause one little choice could bring me down.

Why have I lost my sweetest size?
I ask my self for suicide;
I have no dreams that recollect me somewhere.
And you make nothing to support
My lonely person that's aborting;
There were so many times when I believed it.

I can't feel it; don't think it's easy to comprehend me,
'Cause I don't know what I have inside my strange head,
I feel far away.

It's like a sort of paranoia that is killing myself;
Sometimes your needle lies could wound me as a knife.
And instead of reacting, I don't know why I'm falling down,
Outside from this world that one past time, as the other, I was loved.

I am sure that you're too much for me... I guess...
Beware! No one can deserve all in own life... or well... far away!
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