Little Alice Testo

Testo Little Alice

Handfuls of star's dust
Lightning in the dark of your nights;
Flash of broken dreams.
With your innocent malice
You drown yourself in a sweetish and dense river.
Fuck off everything!

And for a moment
You miss a true embrace, then
You throw yourself back on your bed,
Thinking that world's perfect... perfect!

Alice, little Alice
In a hallucination's kaleidoscope;
Your blue eyes have no expression,
Aren't you happy?
Alice, little Alice,
You live inside your songs.
Your body is like a bar;
No one knows who's been there.

Another dawn, the sun is rising,
Head is beating, veins are aching,
Violet bruises grow on you.
Through the radio, talk-shows and covers,
You are on TV, surrounded by nothing.

Let you wind by torpor,
Let yourself go to savage sex.
Music winds your blue eyes
Which are deleting more and more and... No one's happy!
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