Baptized By Wolves Testo

Testo Baptized By Wolves

A new dawn begins
Another fight's starting
It's the time of the strongest
The decay of cowards

Under the mortal flesh. Immersed in a bloody sea
Where the suffering and agony. Embrace me

Kill, bastard. Destroy your world. Vengeance

Triumph of the impure ones
Arise of a new era. Divinity falls
Condemned by flames. I am baptized by wolves

The whispers of the past guide me to the victory
Dethroning your god

Destroying all you believe in
The World of the hypocrisy perishes in fire
New order on earth will be imposed
Mankind smolders with anger
The fight of our ancestors
will never fall into oblivion
Will never forgive your mistakes

Cries of pain descend from heaven
Tears of the dark human condition
Bringers of the malevolent storms
Cause of the extinction
Only the pain will be eternal

I can't bear it anymore
I'm the one to start the change
They will pay with their blood
Murder is necessary. The war begins
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