Frozen Winds Testo

Testo Frozen Winds

After dark centuries
Land of the forgotten shall rise
Feeling the old pride
Under everlasting grey sky

Searching traces of the fallen
Buried by time and lies
Covered by the endless rain
Among stone walls

Marching under a mighty spiral
Spreading wings in mist
Entering the deep forest
Following the old paths
Beneath the storm lights
Opening underworld gates
Surrounded by a blinding frost
How long will I've lost

Marked by mystic symbols
Involved in bloody magnetism
Returning to the wolf throne
Where Cernunoc reigns forever

Frozen winds embrace the atmosphere
Full moon raises asleep human fears
Woods illuminated a sinister place
As blood runs through my veins

Death to all
Who stole our past
Hidden by dust
Death to all
Who enclosed our truth
Over time
We will not forget
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