Remember The Fallen Testo

Testo Remember The Fallen

Behind the battle line
Fighting fire with fire
When the blood cover the fields
I can see the eyes of death
Under the enemies fire
Waiting for reprisal
In this suicidal warfare

Forever sorrow, die
I survive to kill, attack
I fight to die
Until the last breath

Die for nothing
Blind by terror
Victim of lies
Like the living dead soldiers
I walk on this hell
While the darkness arise to the core of the earth

The words of freedom are devoured by bullets
Destroyed by the anger of immortal desire
Killing in the name of false new order
My rage is condemned to extinction

Suffer this agony
I am lost into oblivion
Falling from grace to eternity
My soul is condemned to the flames
Where the enemy awaits
Where the life arrive to the end
When honor becomes treason
The bullets have drilled my body
My nightmare comes to the end
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