Asleep On The Frontlines Testo

Testo Asleep On The Frontlines

we'll keep on talking this out but I've already made up your mind I've been trying to gnaw through my tongue to stop from confessing my crimes and these conversations are wearing me down what did my patience prove if it's just another bed of nails always the silent treatment always the easy way out alive if there's no further questions I'll be on my way home.
and it's just another sharp pain and it doesn't hurt like it used to when I was a desperate man when I still believed in the meaning of the word you tried to warn me you and your consequences if I am outnumbered if I am defenseless if I come here unarmed in the middle of the night on my own standing on the front lines I will die if you invite me down if it'll please the crowd I only go through this for your amusement it doesn't hurt like should when you're throwing your stones around I'm alone trying to sleep it off but it's hard not to shake at the sound of it breaking when you're living in a house of mirrors reflecting all of my failure I will concede to my replacement congratulations it's over and over again I was in for the long run when you cut me down another sharp pain a servant to our thrones always the one that got away always apologizing always the silent treatment always the stubborn child I kept my mouth shut tight always the one that got away always the bed of nails I only have myself to blame

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