Beheaded My Way Testo

Testo Beheaded My Way

a long shot.
the liar is the only one who spills his guts.
we all swallow your words like starving dogs.
we eat it up.
hell of a scam.
you pulled the wool over our broken eyes again who's in command?
hell of a scam, you got the one armed man to tie the rope again.
who's in command?
yeah, we'll have your head, we'll have your head we've been misled we'll have your head.
we'll have your head and mercy's not something you'll be blessed with you'll take a trip to the guillotine the price of your guilty plea you sold me an empty dream now my hearts too black for you to be redeemed we broke our backs for you we fought your wars for you we heard your words as gospel truth we slaved away for you we never questioned you we spread your words as gospel truth we are forgotten names the only friends you betrayed a stop on your rise, can't look us in the eyes I'd put this to bed but the sting remains we'll have your head and lay you to waste.
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