Silver Lining Testo

Testo Silver Lining

battered and courageous all eyes on you we made you some kind of god of war on your back awaiting constant salivation straight from the snuff film cutting room floor shot by shot cry out "I've had enough" the pictures not done till you lose a pint of blood this is what I found in the wake the message was scratched on the face of his grave it goes we will find the silver lining and make this our own where'd that pretty smile go you put it in a box and left it on the side of the road thanks for nothing you watched the ball drop then made a wish on a burnt out star when'd you lose control you woke up one day with swine all over your shore we committed our army to you fearless leader come see this through far from prophetic no promise came true we lost control your name conjures an image of defeat we lost control

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