Breathing Room Barricades Testo

Testo Breathing Room Barricades

and then there was one with sharpened grin a home I was never meant to find.
the wound was exposed and I fell in a curse I was blessed with as a child I spent my life waiting for this I knew I even bore the mark around my wrist and I feel like this could be enough this could be the one this could be the one.
raise your palms to me and let me show you where our lines collide graze the scalp and see show me where you think they placed that tracking device.
it is so contagious you can't escape from me you can't run they're hot on your trail hunting your down for a lock of your hair and they shot your on the space between your wings.
they tied your limbs and made you sing what makes you so evasive?
you can't escape from me.
we've lost communication these words will dissipate I've scoured through this wasteland you are a mystery and I caught you right before you fled if I could breathe in your air then I'd believe what you said if I could see what you see then I would never have left I picked apart the clues that I found I stood out I stood out for you to show yourself we can forget everything we've become it's not far it's not far until the oxygen show me what's in store locked beneath trap doors for every plot unrevealed you counted my scars and made me sing every note every secret forced me back into lucidity and you proved to us, you proved to me suffer the distance between we'll douse our words in kerosene suffer.
leave something for me we'll burn them all until we make this true I'll clip my wings and give it all to you.
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