Another Show, Another Broken Nose Testo

Testo Another Show, Another Broken Nose

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
(feat Derek Golembeski, courtesy of xRepresentx)

Step through the door, pay for a stamp
Find your friends on the floor, now X up and dance
Don't hesitate to grab the mic
Sing along and stage dive
God blessed us with a beautiful scene
A way to keep kids off the streets
Windmills and spinkicks every single night
Pick it up to make this come alive
A way of life more than a show
there's meaning in every kid every bruise and every bloody nose
It's the love we bring that helps us stand as one
To the ones that brought hate, your time is up
My scene doesnt need your hate
I'll end you with a smile on my face
We will stand our ground
Through God, unity, and hugs all around