Last Man Standing Testo

Testo Last Man Standing

(Featuring Josh Buck, courtesy of Taste the Steel)

*We overcome*
When it seems all hope is lost
And we're out there all alone
*we overcome*
despite the pain we've caused
with these minds that aren't our own
*we overcome*
as brother's now and forever
*we overcome*
so what's your excuse?
all you do is complain
you blame your problems on my faith,
friends and family
Now i stand looking back in your eyes
and You ignore every word that I say
at the rate you're going i guarantee
you'll end up flat on your face
Bring it on, let's see you do this on your own
twelve rounds, throw it down, you against the world
Let's see you take a stand
we'll see who has the upper hand.
All you do is complain, we always overcome
So c'mon baby, stand up to me
it's your last chance, let's see what you got
and in the end i am still here
but you have fallen before the final round
*I'm still here*
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